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Raised beds again


By Osca

Lanakshire, Scotland Sco

I want to grow some veg and flowers in raised beds,
1) how deep do the beds need to be
2) what sort of soil do I need
3) is there any construction of rised beds I need to know about
4) as you will have gathered I am a complete novice
5) any help will be appreciated




hi osca,
construction already covered on previous question.
depth should be around 18inches.
good quality topsoil with a good helping of manure ,
you can get the soil delivered in 1cu.metre bags, and barrow into beds, adding manure after about 12inches of soil .looks like you have a nice sunny spot down the end of your garden.
another tip would be to think about size, ideally you don't want to walk on the soil, so make them about 4feet wide and as long as you want , bearing in mind most wood will have a max length , i made ours about 10feet long.
also crop rotation is a good proven method of cultivation , so 3 or 6 beds is ideal.
hope this helps, get back to me if you need any more help...........steve

11 Oct, 2008

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