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Overwinter Erysimum varigate leaf, orange flower


By Marge

West Yorkshire., United Kingdom Gb

When i bought this plant, it said Annual, it is still going strong and very beautiful. Can you tell me how to over-winter it? I don't want to loose it. Thanks

On plant Erysimum odoratum



Oh dear - if it's an annual, it's likely to die back when it has finished flowering. I can't find any reference to the latin name in my RHS book. I know that there are some annual varieties, but there are also biennial and perennials. I have a wonderful apricot coloured perennial Erysimum which has been in flower for months. Why not keep yours for as long as you can, then look for the perennial one for your garden? I know it hasn't got variegated leaves, but it has been a joy in the border - it's still in flower now. Its name is E. 'Apricot Delight'. If you go to my page and to 'my garden' you can find two photos of it under its name. Click on the photo that is showing to find the second one. I think it's on page 4 of my plants.

11 Oct, 2008


It is very easry to strike cuttings from erysimum. I always do this in the summer and overwinter them in the greenhouse thus ensuring I have a replacement should the original keel over.


13 Jan, 2011

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