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We have a conservatory 55 cm away from the fence. Sadly, the neighbours who live the other side of the fence on that side are rather unpleasant and also have concreted over pretty much the whole garden. We have grown a laurel hedge on pretty much the whole of that side, but there's no earth between the conservatory and the fence (only 55 cm wide), so we have very little privacy. Any advice?. We'd like something that grows rather fast. Would not mind a tree that can grow in pots, as we are thinking of moving in the near future and could then take the trees with us!
Thank you.




If I was really evil and you were not moving I might suggest reinforcing the fence with Leylandii. Monica. Actually I am really evil and don't like the sound of your neighbours at all. The one thing missing from GoY is smileys. We used to have one called 'evil grin'.

11 Oct, 2008


You could grow Leylandii in pots - you can get two colours, a green and a more yellowy one. The green is faster growing. I don't think you would want to take them with you, unless your new home also has horrible neighbours of course! - so why not buy large cheap plastic pots for them and leave them for the poor people who move in?

11 Oct, 2008


Spritzhenry. You are more evil than me!

11 Oct, 2008


Thank you. Leylandii it is!
I didn't know they could grow in pots. The neighbours 2 doors up from me, and therefore on the other side of the "nasty" ones, have planted leylandii all along the adjoining side, trying to cover up the cement madness.I wonder why people move to green rural areas and right away destroy all trees, hedges and lawns and go paving mad. Why don't they just buy a flat???????Grrrrrrrr

Thank you both.

12 Oct, 2008


Well - I'm not really, really evil all the time, but I don't like to hear about bad neighbours! It's then my evil streak comes out!

12 Oct, 2008

How do I say thanks?

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