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By Rohima

West Midlands, United Kingdom Gb

All 4 of my hebe plants have gone brown. there are a very few green leaves on the tips of 2 of them. Can you please advice me whether to leave them be for few more months, cut them back or dig them out. All advice appreciated. Thank you.



We just dug out two hebes this afternoon which had gone brown...

10 Apr, 2011


Oh dear..... but thank you Moon grower for such a quick response.

10 Apr, 2011


I've got some which have been rather knocked about by the winter, but there are some shoots coming at the bottom, so I've watered and fed them, and will cut back the dead bits in a few weeks. If I were you Rohima, I'd wait a bit to be sure they're really dead before digging them out.

10 Apr, 2011


Ours were definitely dodo's but we had a far worse winter than folk in the southern part of the country. Also they were threatening a rather nice conifer and an Aciphylla.

10 Apr, 2011


i got rid of 2 hebe's a few weeks ago that had gone brown. Absolutely no sign of life on them. One of them in particular we only bought last autumn and it was lovely. as it happens when i planted it, a bit fell off so i thought i'd see if it would root. never tried it before and didnt do anything special with it, but it has rooted so at least i have that, even if the parent plant is no longer here. i'd go with your instinct and if you're still unsure, maybe pot it up out of the way and see how it fairs. at least then you have a space free for something else and still the possibility the hebe will recover!

10 Apr, 2011


Thank you Beattie and Tilly. I think i will give them a couple of weeks more and see if they recover but i think 2 are definately dead.

10 Apr, 2011

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