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By Laney

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There is a spring running throu my back garden, the grass is v patchy, and mucky. what can i do with it to held disguise the spring, over it up, or at least make is so when kids walk on it, they dont get stuck, soaked and dirty. ???



Could you dig out the area and make a small wildlife pond? Lots of good things would grow in the boggy are around it and the children would then have to walk round it instead of through it! You could grow water irises, fritillaries, candelabra primulas, marsh marigolds and lots of others. In fact you could grow them without making a pond at all, just fill up the area with bog lovers.

11 Apr, 2011


Sounds like very good advice from Steragram. A few well positioned rocks will work well to make it look great.

11 Apr, 2011


Thank u, the spring goes diagonally throu the garden, and at the bottom of a grass bank, dont think a pond would suit for now, but i will def plant some of those flowers u suggested. thank u v much for advice.

13 Apr, 2011

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