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any plants that will deter cats from digging up my new plants and using my garden as a toilet



Don't know of any plants but agree this is a most annoying problem. Try a few prickly branches placed around your plants while they are getting established--not very pretty but the plants need to get a hold!.

13 Apr, 2011


I found sprinkling spices like Chilli and Pepper around the planted areas stops cats.

13 Apr, 2011


This is a problem which drives me crazy, I dont know of any plants apart from lavender that cats dislike. Cats also dislike the wet so I water my flower beds at night which seems to be doing the trick.

13 Apr, 2011


Sharonm - you're lucky - I have a container with lavander in it, and my guys have no problem sitting on top of it. What I do is cut the top & bottom off clear plastic bottles, then cut it in half so it is only 3-4 inches high. Then I put them around the plant until it is established. Cats don't seem to bother them after that. It also helps to contain snail poison so the cats don't interact with it. Cats will respect the bottles but dogs won't.

13 Apr, 2011


Isn't there something called "Scaredy cat". Can't remember the botanical name so am just about to look it up.

13 Apr, 2011

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