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Why has my Lilac tree got white flowers this year when it's alwyas had purple ones in the past?



Seems a bit early for Syringa to be in flower - they don't flower here in London till May. Which variety of lilac is it and are sure they're actually the lilac flowers and not those of another plant growing through the tree?

15 Apr, 2011


I take that back - I was out 2 days ago and saw 3 different lilacs all in flower right now.
How long have you had the plant? Was it a new, fancy variety?

19 Apr, 2011


My tree is the same this year, though I don't know how often it has flowered with white blossom as this is only my second year here. I know the tree definately had lilac flowers last year though??...

11 May, 2011


Be interesting to see what colour the flowers are next year, Jojo71.

11 May, 2011

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