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Sick silver birches

Pest county, near Budapest, Hungary Hu

We planted 5 young silver birch last Autumn. Two of them are in a very sandy area, and are looking sad, leaves small & some browning. We planted in leaf mould, and water as much as possible. We were away from home for three weeks recently so no water. We live in Hungary and weather has been dryer that normal for last year. The other three trees planted at the same time look fine.

On plant Betula pendula



I would water them very well 4-6 gallons a tree, then mulch them with well-rotted manure or thick layer of compost/bark chippings all around the trees, then leave them. this way the roots will be encouraged to grow downwards towards any available water. You could give them another drenching of water in 4-6 weeks time if they look really dry. Watering them all the time will just encourage their roots to come up instead of down.

19 May, 2007

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