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By Km101km

Flintshire, Wales Wal

Im looking for suggestions on the best plants to grow around a metal arch that we inherited when we moved into our new home. I am a complete novice when it comes to plants so any suggestions will be gratefully received. The garden is south facing but is shaded by trees where the arch. I would like a really fast grower if possible as im keen to see fast coverage.



Hi, Jasmine would be my favorite for this type of growing, it grows relatively fast and has the most amazing scent. It's not too demanding either.
There are lots of climbers that would suit, personal choice really depending on how much time you want to spend training it.

15 Apr, 2011


We,ve done this very thing with Jasmine. Below is a link to my Jasmine photos so that you can see the effect.......

16 Apr, 2011


Another possibility is a strong growing rambler rose such as Madame Alfred Carriere which has a lovely fragrance.

16 Apr, 2011


Hi all

Thanks for the responses, i bought some jasmine yesterday so fingers crossed i will have some growth soon and hopefully put some photos on. Can i just ask if i should try and keep the ivy (that is growing nearby) at bay or is it ok to let it entwine in with the jasmine? My garden is overum by ivy and im just worried that it might be sufficating my other plants or is it harmless?

Thanks again

17 Apr, 2011


I would keep the ivy trimmed back to the fences at least. It is an awful nuisance if it runs across the ground. I have it on my back fence and I let it bloom and berry because the holly blue butterfly uses it as a foodplant for its caterpillars. Also wrens and robins nest in it, but I don't let it stray across the garden.

17 Apr, 2011

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