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And does anyone know this plant?


By David

Fife, Scotland Sco

This looks familiar to me, but I just can't put a name to it. Any suggestions, please?




Helleborus foetidus. Seeds everywhere - cut off pods before they burst! Grows in shade or sun. Very hardy.

19 Feb, 2008


Agreed. Do not crush the leaves, the smell is very hard to remove from your hands!

19 Feb, 2008


It's also a British native which is why it seeds so well :-)

19 Feb, 2008


Many thanx folks. I thought it was a hellebore but the leaves puzzled me. Have read about this plant, but never seen it b4.

19 Feb, 2008


Helleborus foetidus Wester Flisk. It takes its name from Wester Flisk on the Firth of Tay, and was found growing in an old rectory garden in the 1970's. The garden was established in the 1800's by Reverend Fleming, a keen amateur botanist. It is thought that Fleming may have imported the original plant from Spain where they grow wild.
Lovely and bright in winter, with striking foliage all year round. I love mine.

19 Feb, 2008


Thanx Maxgarden. Now, Wester Flisk is also here in Fife, and I seem to have heard of this Rev. Fleming in my distant past...I feel another planthunting trip in my bones, lol.

20 Feb, 2008


I'll have to check that out in my geography book, David. Meanwhile, happy hunting.

24 Feb, 2008


Maxgarden, it is close to places called Creich and Balmerino (which, incidentally, has a ruined medieval abbey with a Spanish Chestnut tree that is over 400 years old).

24 Feb, 2008


Oh, this is a lovely story and setting, Buzzbee. can you post a pic and details ( imagine what this tree has witnessed?

28 Feb, 2008

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