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By Bernard

Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom Gb

Weed query 9.
Again, an interloper among the Bluebells. This one looks as though it could be a real problem if it is allowed to stay.
An identification would be a great help in dealing with it.




The leaves look like a geum and I think that's what it is , Avens or Wild Geum but the flowers are tiny and yellow and it will seed everywhere if you let it. I seem to get lots of them and dig them out all the time.

16 Apr, 2011


I would also say Geum. We don't have the yellow one that Inverglen is talking about but have the Water Avens, Geum rivale, instead that seeds everywhere. I can't complain about it too much because I brought it into the garden!

16 Apr, 2011


I call it wood avens, it has the yellow flowers Inverglen mentioned. I'll check the name and come back.....
Yup, confirmed! :-)

16 Apr, 2011


Looks like I'll need to let it flower to be precise about the variety. Thanks for the ident.

16 Apr, 2011


I call this rogue Geum, it has a small yellow flower and spreads rapidly, I pull these out. Real Geums are much nicer with orange/red flowers.

16 Apr, 2011

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