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I have a tall palm. This type has long leaves hanging from branch. It took a few years before I had a hanging cluster of flowers. I now think it has died. There is a sticky substance when I cut into the bark. In our area,
Surrey/Sussex I believe they have all died.
However, I was at Worthing in the week and their
palms are thriving.
A friend said there was an article about this disease
in the press.



It May be slime flux? if it has died you can try cutting down to healthy wood below the infected area, if so you may be in luck and new shoots may appear, but be patient. julien

16 Apr, 2011


In my area in Wiltshire most of these palms seem to have suffered badly from the bad winter weather and most are dead. My daughter has one and we have sawn off the rotten parts leaving solid branches. It is sheltered by some other trees so may still be alive - it's just a case of being very patient and seeing if new growth appears.

17 Apr, 2011

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