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In need of a tall skinny tree, evergreen or something for the corner of our small planting bed that is next to the side of our house. SUNNY AFTERNOONS, key word tall and skinny!

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There are several tall thin evergreen conifers

This is one

or this

both are fairly common in garden centres

The only tall thin non conifer that comes to mind is prunus amanogawa

Not sure if it is wise to plant these too near to a house though

17 Apr, 2011


No tree should be planted very close to a house wall.
Juniper skyrocket was the one I thought of. The prunus isn't evergreen, though it is lovely for a short time when it flowers - but it does tend to spread out a bit as it matures and eventually becomes a lot wider than the juniper. Cherries can also produce surface roots, which may or may not matter.

17 Apr, 2011


It would help to know what your USDA climate zone is, too, Mlake. If your winters are mild enough, you could also grow things like 'Tiny Tower' Italian Cypress, and 'Wil Fleming' Yaupon. Of more generally adaptable ones, my favorites are 'Robusta Green' Juniper, and 'Blue Point' Juniper.

18 Apr, 2011


I was going to suggest prunus amanogawa too, they're v.pretty and columnar.

18 Apr, 2011

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