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the dreaded slug

Hampshire, United Kingdom Gb

Hi guys, not a question this time, but a bit of info. A young man at work,( not a gardener) pointed out to me that if you check on the cans of WD40 it recommends spraying the sides of pots to deter slugs. Will seek out hubby's can and try it. Thought some of you would like to have a go. Let me know if it works



This sounds wonderful if it works! My husband has lots of WD40 hanging around the garage - in fact there's one on top of the fridge at the moment. Perhaps it will mysteriously disappear.
Thanks for the info, Lizinskip.

15 Oct, 2008


good tip Lizinskip, ive wd40 in the kitchen so its worth trying

15 Oct, 2008


Its worth trying most things when it comes to slugs but spraying oil around the garden doesn't sound one way that I would want to try.

7 Sep, 2009

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