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Hi can anyone tell me the name of this bush and also how can I take cuttings from it




Not saying it is, but it does look remarkably like Weigela middendorffianum. Cuttings of non flowering shoots whenever you choose.

20 Apr, 2011


Really, Owdboggy? I'd have thought it would be a rhodo/ azalea.

20 Apr, 2011


Had another look and you are right. My eyesight is not what it was. Wish people would do a close up of the flower and a leaf and give you indication of scale. It would make life a lot easier.

20 Apr, 2011


I believe the best way to propogate this is by layering. Take a shoot near the ground and wound the underside of the bark. Bury the wounded piece slightly and place something like a small rock to keep it in place. It will take two years before the layer will root and can be separated from the mother plant

20 Apr, 2011

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