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By Bernard

Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom Gb

Strange experience with blue Anemone nemorosa.
Back in 2009, the gardener we were then using was preparing to plant 20 Anemone nemorosa in a small area of our woodland garden. The pots in which they were sent were showing no signs of life so it was decided to wait until the leaves began to show before planting. Eventually this happened and 15 of the pots were shoowing healthy growth and were planted. It was reported to the supplier that five of the pots were showimg no sign of life and they were replaced. We decided not to plant them at the time, but keep then in the pots as replacements for any of the others that might fail. This year we watched eagerly for the plants to appear and flower but became increasingly apprehensive when the ones in the open ground were lagging badly behind the ones we had kept back. Eventually only about four plants in the garden showed some growth with 1 producing a flower while all the 5 in pots were merrily flowering.
Only one other snag became apparent - they were white and not 'Blue Beauty' as claimed by the labels. Protests to the supplier were made and they have promised to send replacements later in May/June when they became dormant.
When they arrive we will have to replant, but I am very concerned about replanting the same area. The ground would seem to be ideal. Partly shaded and neutral and everything else planted in that area is thriving.
What would you do, folks?



Shove 'em all in together, probably. A mixture of blue and white flowers would be perfectly acceptable in my garden. I've been out to a local NT garden today and admired lots of these anemones. They had more blue than white, personally I prefer white, but the blue ones are lovely too.

20 Apr, 2011


as it is woodland is the white one one of the native ones?

mice/squirrels like the anemone corms so I wonder if they have been eaten too.

but bung them in together, they will llok very pretty together.

20 Apr, 2011


Thanks for the suggestion. Actually I would prefer to keep the colours separate, but unfortunately I asked my wife for her opinion and she agreed with you and made the casting vote. Mind you, I'd already been defeated by 2-1 and if she had agreed with me it would have been a stalemate.
On a technical note, do the two colours have different botanical/variety names and if so, do you know what they are?

21 Apr, 2011


white ones often have the tag 'alba/album' but there are many named varieties so couldnt say really. sorry

24 Apr, 2011


Thanks for your help.

24 Apr, 2011

How do I say thanks?

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