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Couple of questions. 1. Has anyone ever planted a silver birch in a large container and was it successful? 2. I have a very hot patio area outside my back door. Do you think it would be possible to take up some of the slabs and plant a tree in the hole? I was thinking of a silver birch. Do you think it would push up the other slabs, or damage the house foundations? Tyvm.



I've no knowledge on those specific trees but i once read that trees don't perform well when their roots are below a large concrete area.
I'll be interested to hear the replies from birch and tree experts.

20 Apr, 2011


Thank you! I see you still have very many lovely plants in your garden!

20 Apr, 2011


we had 2 silver birch well away from the house but the root run was quite extensive. the pavement was lumpy but wether that was due to its roots or bad council pavements I have no idea. I personally wouldnt plant them close to the house or so close to concrete.

20 Apr, 2011


Definitely not a tree for a container - no mater how big, nor a tree to plant close to a property.

20 Apr, 2011


Louloubelle, yes, the numbers grow steadily but i forget to put them in the plant-list here !

I've not seen you on here for a while, good to know you're still around :-)

21 Apr, 2011


Thank you all for taking the time to respond. I agree, not my best idea, but I will get there eventually! Patio is so hot, I need more plants to help cool it down.

21 Apr, 2011


My neighbour has a Silver birch at the end of her garden...
it has grown very high... and the roots push up the pavings at the end of my garden... literally as much as four inches... :o(

.. and I have to take up the pavings, cut out and level ...
... and then lay the pavings back as flat as I can achieve ...
... but they soon need levelling again !

22 Apr, 2011


OK, thank you! Not my finest idea! x

23 Apr, 2011


It is a pretty tree ... lovely colour on the trunk and branches .. so they are nice in some ways :o) x

23 Apr, 2011

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