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I have a very poorly looking ceanothus. Its wilting and drying up on the ends, Ive watered it plenty. Its only 2 years old. Anything I can do to save it please?



Growing in the ground, or in a pot? And any chance of a photograph?

21 Apr, 2011


Not sure which type you mean so a pic may be helpful as Bamboo as mentioned.

Some of mine suffered terribly over the cold winter. The leaves all turned brown.

Luckily, I kept a close eye and saw buds forming a few weeks back.

I pruned it quite hard above just above each bit of new growth and after a few weeks is starting to fill out with leaves again. Also had a few branches flower already.

Is there any new growth?

21 Apr, 2011


i will take a picture tommorow, thank you
Its in the ground.

22 Apr, 2011

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