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Any suggestions how to get rid of creeping buttercup on my lawn - I imagine it's been cheap and nasty turf that the landscapers used last spring and whilst the grass looks like it's struggling the buttercups are thriving, argh!
I've used weed'n'feed already.....
My dad has suggeted using a little paintbrush to dab roundup directly on to the leaves so i don't kill the surrounding grass, would that work?



I would go with your dad's suggestion - it sounds sensible.

21 Apr, 2011


Weeds will flourish in a poorly maintained lawn. As you have treated the lawn most of the weeds should die off. I would spot treat any still growing and then after a few days scarify to raise them just before mowing. Once your lawn is cut at least weekly you will see an improvement in the grass and the weeds will go. You can feed/treat again after 6 weeks to give 2 feeds/treatments per growing season.

21 Apr, 2011


I'm scared to scarify in case I pull out the little living grass I have :)
But yes, I'm hoping once the grass really starts to grow, it'll look better.
I'll be out at the weekend painting the weeds with roundup - hope the neighbours won't be watching!!

22 Apr, 2011

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