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By Sheilaj

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Hi, My acer "senkaki" is now in full leaf and looking great except for 2 branches where the leaves are curled in wards and resemble claws. My first thought was insects but I can not find any at all. We have not had any rain in this part of the world for several weeks. Could that be the cause? Will it spread to other branches?
Also after two very cold winters my Azalea has not flowered for the second time. Is it likely to recover? The leaves are brown, but not dry or crisp.

Many thanks

Sheila Jenkins



I would give it a good watering to start with, but dont over do this, have you got it planted in semi shade, is it quite sheltered from the sun, sun scorch can be a problem, re your azalea, have you kept it well watered through the summers, because this is important whilst the flower buds are forming, it does not sound to good, however give it a good water and ericacious liquid feed every two/three weeks through the growing season and hopefully it may perk up, is the azalea in a pot, if so try repotting it with fresh ericacious compost, julien.

21 Apr, 2011

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