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Hi, I am desperately trying to save my bottle brush plant which is about 20 years old. This year the leaves have not stayed green but have gone a dull brown, I have started using miracle grow to try to help it, is it too late or can I perhaps save the roots. I would desperately love to save it as it was a present from my late mother so I would really appreciate any help whatsoever.
Thanks Alex

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Does it have any seed pods from last years flowers? I know my Dad sowed some from his and they grew, so if the worst came to the worst you could have a new plant(s) that came from the original? I don't think he did anything special to the seeds but he may have heated them as they are a native of Australia and may need the heat of a forest fire to kick start germination! Anyway you could have fun trying!
Or they do respond to pruning, if the frost has got to the topmost branches and leaves there may still be life in the stems? Cut one back and see if they are sappy/green....Good luck.:)

22 Apr, 2011


Thanks for the tips I will definitely try them. How can I heat the seeds & shall I still keep feeding it just in case?


23 Apr, 2011


I'm not sure about how to heat them....maybe put them in a low oven for 20 mins. I would try a few like that and also just sow some without any treatment to see. Let me know how you get on!

23 Apr, 2011

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