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By Sheilar

Sunderland Tyne and Wear, United Kingdom Gb

Is this a cherry blossom or apple? I got it from my neighbour who was putting it out with the rubbish. It was in a bad way, having been in a too-small pot, I revived it and planted it in the garden. My neighbour said it was a cherry blossom but my brother seemed to think it could be a crab apple. The foliage starts as dark green then turns to burgandy when it matures. Anyone out there knows for definite what it is please.




Hi, it's a crab apple possibly Malus royalty a lovely small tree.

22 Apr, 2011


Hello judging by the leaves and bark i would think cherry, julien.

22 Apr, 2011


Thanks Plantoholic and Julien, but one of you says crab apple and the other says cherry, so I'm no further forward! There's the same tree round the corner from where I live, it's in church grounds and it's about 15' - 18' high (dunno if this is of any use).

Any comments welcome.

22 Apr, 2011


I think i would go with plantaholic, think it may be malus, However what are the fruits like? julien

22 Apr, 2011


Hi again, google Malus royalty & see what you think :-)

22 Apr, 2011


There have been no fruits as yet Julien, perhaps it's
too young? This is it's second season with me but I have other mature apple trees which fruit, so surely if it were an apple, it would have fruited?

22 Apr, 2011


Hello sheila, i think it is malus, and if you go on the blog section[latest] you will see karensusan has posted pictures of her wonderfull garden which has a malus royalty what do you think? julien.

22 Apr, 2011


Julien, I've looked at this and yes, it is indeed the same tree. Thanks for all of your help. Regards, Sheila

22 Apr, 2011


It looks very much like the beautiful flowering crabapples we had at NAU, when I went to college.

24 Apr, 2011

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