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Are nectarines earlier then peaches? I have a lovely dwarf peach which is coming into leaf after a wonderful array of blossom in the spring. I only got it in spring and can't help feeling a bit worried about it coming into leaf. my friends dwarf nectarine is in full leaf. Do peaches come into leaf after nectarines? And one more question when do I expect to see the first fruit? Thanks as always.



They come in all sorts: some peaches are early (often too early) and some are late, and the same with nectarines. Note that a new tree is usually later than a well established one to leaf out. I think that more roots need to grow, usually.

23 Apr, 2011


Thanks. I think nectarines are earlier or certainly my friends variety as they are picked in July when mine are picked in late summer. We got it around the same time.I hope it comes into full leaf soon it is very close. Thanks for the comment.

24 Apr, 2011

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