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For Andrewr ... and others, if interested .. Lol...

These plants purchased recently, all labelled Heavenly Blue ..

... I thought they looked unusual ... I noticed the two different colours of petals on the same plants ... blue flowers and blue-and-white flowers ... is this normal please ?

Thanks for answering my question.

P1010186_2_x_lithodora._apr.2011 P1010188_lithodora._apr.2011



Lithodora can do that...

23 Apr, 2011


They are 2 different varieties, i have both of them here.

23 Apr, 2011


Louise... do both of your varieties have more than one colour of flower on the same plant ?

I'm aware there is more than one variety of Lithodora .

Heavenly Blue, Blue Star etc...

23 Apr, 2011


I have Lithodora - Heavenly Blue TT and it is all one colour - quite a deep blue.

23 Apr, 2011


Thanks, Drc... yes, I have Heavenly Blue purchased a few years ago... all flowers of the same deep blue colour ...

These latest "Heavenly Blue" I've purchased fascinate me...
with the whiter patterns on just some of the flowers and the other flowers on the plant all of a solid blue ..

Maybe Moongrower has seen this variation quite often ?

23 Apr, 2011


TT, no, mine don't have the mixed 'genes' that yours have, they both have the normal colouring.

24 Apr, 2011


Thanks Louise...

24 Apr, 2011


Not often but I have seen it, confused the heck out of me...

24 Apr, 2011


Lol. Moongrower ...
When I saw them I bought them immediately...
...thought they looked unusual ;o)

24 Apr, 2011

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