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RHS Advanced cert


By Eiko

Hampshire, United Kingdom Gb

Hi, this is not really a "gardening" question but I was really hoping someone here could help me. I am currently studying for the RHS advanced cert in hort. but the tutor seems to be giving us far fewer notes which are much less detailed than I would expect for a course of this level. I have taken the matter up with him to no avail. I haven't got time to research the internet and write the course notes myself. SO, I need to find someone who has recently finished the said course (by correspondence course which provides ALL the study materials necessary to prepare you for the exams :have been recommended Learning Curve) who would be willing to lend or sell all the course materials. This has become a matter of urgency, as I don't know what else to do.
Hope you can help.



Can't you take it up with the College if your tutor is unhelpful? If there's a group of you, you need to get together and complain - you are the clients, after all!

20 Feb, 2008


Well, I thought of that, but it's a really wierd situation...the tutor seems to be the guy in charge! And he seems to be a one man show :( As I say I seem to be up the river without a paddle! I wish I had done the whole thing by Correspondence Course now, at least I would know what I had to learn!

20 Feb, 2008


Could he be reported to the RHS and banned from teaching their course?

21 Feb, 2008


sorry Eiko only hort qualification i have is in florisrty and floral desgin which is very basic as far as hort goes. but thats a good idea David! it sounds as if he really does'nt care if you pass or not, and that is not the right attitude to take is it! these courses often are not cheep and like spritz has said you are the client. so if he is really unhelpful i would defo look to complain over his head! good luck Eiko.

21 Feb, 2008


I really think that you are being 'short-changed' here. Maybe a polite, veiled threat of reporting him to the RHS might have some effect, you are not losing anything and might gee him up a bit! He is getting paid for tutoring - and I am well aware that ,there's an exam at the end of your course. Otherwise, maybe a direct appeal to the RHS might bring results in order to get a new tutor without forking out again. I am doing a horticultural course through correspondence - if you do want details of the college, please ask.

21 Feb, 2008

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