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Hedge Roses


By Telme8

Vale of Glamorgan, Wales Wal

They say you will get die back if done in the Autumn but is wind rock more damaging?



My RHS book says to cut back by about a third to avoid wind damage - then prune in the spring as you normally would. I suppose that this would give you the leeway to cut back any shoots that have died back???? I haven't got any hedge roses, so I haven't any experience of doing it. Read the answer to the next question you asked - it does give an alternative to pruning in the autumn.

17 Oct, 2008


Thanks Spitzhenry, sounds good advice, This wonderful website is helping give me that little bit of confidence I need, although armed with the books, by the time you have studdied it all my itching secuteer fingers get a bit rash and confused. I do love my wonderful displays I have been getting in my maturing garden but the time has come for some discipline and order! I want to be tidy but must not be over zealous! I fear the outcome!! experienced voices as it seems to a personal question is wonderful, thanks everyone for the time..

18 Oct, 2008

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