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Can I cut back my clematis montana. The length is about 5 metres, theres loads of growth on the first 2 mtrs but theres just old wood on the rest. Its starting to flower now. Im afraid to cut all the old wood off in case I kill it or it wont flower nxt year.



These plants do develop a large, knarly, woody trunk as they mature. The time to prune these hard is immediately after flowering is finished - you can cut it right down if you want, but I'd be more inclined to cut back all the topgrowth as far as the woody trunk - this will hopefully encourage shoots from lower down.

26 Apr, 2011


yes theres loads of new shoots lower down at the moment. Right after flowering i
l shall give it a go....Thanks

26 Apr, 2011


If you've got loads of new ones growing up from the base, I wouldn't cut those back - I'd just take out some of the old wood, above the point where the new shoots are.

26 Apr, 2011

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