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any suggestions for cheap tall plants or bushy plants to fill out some borders. im intending on filling them up at the moment there are so many gaps and lots of weeds keep coming up.



All the supermarkets sell plants at this time of year. I find they're a source of cheap plants. I bought hardy Fuschias last week at Morrison's for £1.29 each. Earlier in the year they've had various shrubs and climbers. Aldi, Lidl and Range are all good for cheapies.

27 Apr, 2011


Ground cover plants are a good way of keeping the weeds down and you could underplant your shrubs with them. I use hardy geraniums a lot but there are many others too. Scroll down to the bottom of this page, click on G and then choose Ground Cover on the menu and you see lots of possibilities. Many are evergreen or semi evergreen too.

27 Apr, 2011


thankyou i'll start having a look.. i'm building it all up gradually. got somany places to fill

28 Apr, 2011

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