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Any tips on water lillies?


By Andrea

Yorkshire, United Kingdom Gb

Does anyone have any tips on water lillies, I believe that you should gradually lower them to the bottom of the pond, is this correct? When do you the right time to lower them? Also is there anything you need to do to them once they have finished flower?

On plant Nymphaea odorata (Water lily)



Have an old pond with lots of water lilies leave them in all winter and in the spring cut off all the old roots replant and put them straight back to the bottom. This is against all the rules but they grow and I have a great show of flowers. I do take the leaves off as far down as I can when they start to die. Hope this helps.

18 May, 2007


Thanks- do you leave any of the old leaves and shoots?

18 May, 2007


The leaves tend to die back at the end of the summer and I pull them off as they die. When I start them off I trim the roots but leave all the new growth of small leaves. As the leaves die try and get as much of the stem as you can reach. Hope this helps

20 May, 2007

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