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By Nariz

Spain Es

Can anyone identify this rose for me please? It was purchased here in Spain but - as is always the way - the label has been lost. I seem to remember it may have a French-sounding name .... "Pierre ... something?"

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There is a rosa Pierre de Ronsard, aka Eden Rose ... but the petals are more pink than your rose, Nariz..

...I see what you mean about the rock structures behind... amazing ! :o)

28 Apr, 2011


Thanks TT - I know you say the hue is different, but 'Pierre de Ronsard' is ringing bells. Maybe the pink in my photo hasn't come out as well as it should? When we are sitting on the balcony looking down into the garden (with a G&T) I have said how luminous the colour of the buds appear on this rose. Perhaps it's the G&T talking?

28 Apr, 2011


Lol. maybe the rose needs a drink of Pink Gin ;o)

28 Apr, 2011


lol :o)

28 Apr, 2011


looks like a Ferdinand Pitchard to me Nariz.......

1 May, 2011


Thanks Resi, seems I'll have to Google this one.

2 May, 2011

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