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By Alextb

London, England Eng

Are tea leaves and coffee granules any good for the garden?

If so, can they be used for general use, or only on specific plants?

If specific, can they be used on:

Thanks in advance




I normally just throw tea leaves directly around plants - there is some nutrition in them, though not much - as you said general use. Coffee granules need to go on the compost heap and mixed through - not directly around plants.

28 Apr, 2011


O.K, thanks for the quick response

28 Apr, 2011


It was the last place where one would expect to see anything related to tomorrow's wedding but alas it's everywhere. Don't get me wrong I have got nothing against the wedding. It's just on every other channel.

Tea leaves are good for roses.

28 Apr, 2011


O.K thanks Aimankay. It's only an avatar, it's not likee I blogged about it. LOL.

I bet that there will be blogs on here about it.

28 Apr, 2011


Ohhh :-(

28 Apr, 2011


Hi Alex ... Re. tea, coffee, banana skins etc...

Members put some useful comments on this blog I wrote a while back ...

I hope this helps :o)

28 Apr, 2011


Thanks TT, this does help. I finally got through all the comments.

It was very informative.

28 Apr, 2011


Yes. ... the members came up with some fascinating information and ideas, didn't they ... :o))

28 Apr, 2011


They certainly did

28 Apr, 2011


I read that coffee grounds help to acidify the soil so you could put them round rhodos, pieris etc.

28 Apr, 2011


Thanks Steragram.

29 Apr, 2011

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