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Have I done everything right? Hi. As you might know I have a dwarf peach which bloomed well but hasn't yet came into full leaf. It also only got about four full hours of sunlight. It wasn't sheltered well so I decided to move from ground to a big pot on a south facing garage which gets about 12 full hours of sunlight and is warm and sheltered. It is a White facing garage so it should reflect heat on to my peach. I dug up my peach carefully and fortunitly it hadn't got established so came out easily. Put some pebbles at the bottom of the pot and filled with used compost, fresh compost and good quality top soil. Planted the each and covered with gravel. Fertilised it which counts for watering and left it to it's own devices. Looks really good now. The draining is excellent the water came out in a shallow line about two minutes after fertilising it. It should do really well. So have I done everything right and is there anything apart from protecting it from frost that i should know? Thanks.



Sorry each should be peach

28 Apr, 2011


"Each peach pear plum, I spy Tom Thumb"

28 Apr, 2011


Good rhyme.

29 Apr, 2011


the only thing I don't like that you've said is 'filled with good quality topsoil'. Pots shouldn't be filled with ordinary soil, but with good potting compost instead, in this case, John Innes No. 3, as its a tree. The reason for this is that there may be harmful bacteria and other pathogens present in the topsoil which, whilst not harmful in open ground, may be so contained in a pot. Potting compost is sterilised to prevent problems.

30 Apr, 2011


It was deep down soil that I broke up and it was only about five percent anyway so it should be all right. Thanks I will know in the future.

30 Apr, 2011

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