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I've read conflicting advice on, Rodgersia and Actea (cimicifuga), one says both like a Shady area, and the other says they both like full sun! I have both, but I'm now rather perplexed after reading the growing conditions! Does anyone grow these two or know anything about them?



We grow both, Helenium; I suppose that you could say that they are in the sun some of the time and in shade for other. I don't think that they are too fussy provided that they get a mostly moist soil with plenty of humus.

28 Apr, 2011


One of the Cimicifuga is in full sun for a long time - I have a south facing garden with no shelter from trees etc! I'll just have to make sure it has a good water supply, mind you in this garden it wont be difficult for the plant to find water!

Thanks for your help Bulbaholic, it's much appreciated!

29 Apr, 2011

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