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How to stop rabbits eating plants!

Hampshire, United Kingdom Gb

I have some pots on my Mums grave - patio rose with some crocus coming up and a pot of mini daffs - but the rabbits in the graveyard keep eating at the plants - any ideas on a) what can I plant they wont eat - has to be small and b) anything I can put on the pots that might deter them - thought of moth balls but will rain affect them? Any ideas would be gladly received!



I caught a rabbit eating the flowers from a newly planted Alyssum and went to B&Q where I bought a can of Animal repellent. I sprayed this all over the plant and it worked! The rabbit didn't touch the plant after that - I haven't seen him/her again. The dog doesn't like the smell, either, if that's a problem for you. Hope this helps.

21 Feb, 2008


I'm plagued by them and there isn't much they really won't eat. If you have a warren near the site i doubt you can do much about it. Spritzhenry suggestion is good.. It seems as a general rule they don't like waxy leaves...

21 Feb, 2008


Thanks do you remember what the animal repellent is called? I've seen the ones for cats and dogs.

22 Feb, 2008


I will go out to the shed tomorrow and see if I can find it.. It's a bit dark now!

22 Feb, 2008


It is just called 'B&Q Animal Repellent' but on the label there's a picture of a dog, a cat, a wood pigeon and A RABBIT! It really does work - I bought it last year so I hope they still sell it. Maybe they changed the label? Have a closer look at the wording... Good luck.

23 Feb, 2008


I remember hearing that old gardeners used to put a bit of fur in fruit trees so that birds would think there was an animal in there - presumably a stoat or weasel. Maybe a bit of teddy-bear material poking out from the plants would spook 'em? 'Scoot' works really well against cats, but don't sniff the steam it makes - ugh!

26 Feb, 2008


Thanks everyone some great ideas! I'm going up on Sunday so I'll let you know if they work!

27 Feb, 2008


hi, is it at all possible to simply put something over them, like a wicker tube or something, preferable not plastic sheeting as i feel it ruins the beauty of the garden?

thank you

8 Apr, 2009


There are many ways to keep rabbits away like the others suggested. If your completely against the idea of hunting (or pest control) the best way is rabbit repellents. You can buy them for fairly good prices and its easy to find ones that wont hurt your plants. The other way to repel rabbit is by making your own repellents/smell barriers.

To make ‘small barriers’ grow lavender around the edges of the garden, or place garlic bulbs around your plants. If you want to make repellents just use strong smells that rabbits don’t like mixed in with a bottom of water. Things like garilic and chili are best. For more information please check out my webpage

Its all about homemade repellants.

Hope it helps and good luck!

13 Aug, 2011

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