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I have 2 standard Photinia's in pots and they are loosing all their new red leaves and green leaves. it has buds coming out but looks pretty sad. Any ideas?



Under /over watered?

29 Apr, 2011


They use up water pretty quickly in a pot. In warm, dry weather, they may need a good soak as much as every other day. We have to water them twice a day in the summer, here in the desert.

30 Apr, 2011


it's easy to see if they are underwatered in the growing season...look at the new red tips. If they are very limp and drooping they need water...12 hours later they are fully hydrated and look happy. overwatering is always more difficult to assess. i think a good deep watering every 2 or 3 days...i live in sardegna where summer temperatures can go over 40C and i water every other day in the early mornings. just give them time to adequately dry ou between watering and check the leaves regulary for limpness and the many diseases they are prone to (sometimes associated with...overwatering)

8 Jun, 2011

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