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Red Geraniums


By Telme8

Vale of Glamorgan, Wales Wal

Seeing the last members question and answer on geraniums, can I ask when you cut them back to a few leaves before putting in for the winter, can you plant those cutting off the mother plant to save for next year. If so how is the best as a lot of my cuttings have not survived. I did not cut mine back last year, consequently the plants came out leggy and straggly so I trimmed them back and took cuttings off them when I brought them out, but they have taken all the summer to mature and are beautiful and in flower now these last few weeks, but they were late.



It is difficult to root Geranium cuttings so late in the season. Best to take them in August and September, they are then rooted enough to overwinter without taking too much space.. We don't get enough sunlight in the early Spring to make good plants from Spring cuttings, they tend to be drawn up.. I think most of the good young plants seen in Spring have been imported from warmer climes.

18 Oct, 2008


Thank you Poaannua I have struggled for a few years with this problem, that explains it, and lets face it they always look too perfect to attack in August & September! Thanks.

19 Oct, 2008


if you dont mind the smell indoors they root easily in water then pot up when roots have grown that way you still get a few plants even if late taking your cuttings,best of both worlds

4 Nov, 2008

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