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Tomatoes in pots.


By Casso

Kent, United Kingdom Gb

Every year my neighbours gives me some tomato plants which he grows in his greenhouse. I always grow them in big pots. Husband Dave has fixed up a sort of support as they usually get too big for the support canes and fall over. They ususally crop very well but last year was not good, they got blight. I hope they will do well this year. Is this a suitable way to grow them?




This would be better as a blog casso as it is not a question but won't do any harm as one.

30 Apr, 2011


Thank you Boardergard. I have updated my question.

30 Apr, 2011


What you are doing is fine as it is. About blight, some years are going to be better then others. Look up on how to prevent it etc and good luck.

30 Apr, 2011


If you can move them further away from the hedge then there will be more air around them and less chance of blight.

30 Apr, 2011

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