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I have an issai Kwiwi plant which I thought was doing well but I've only just realised that I seem to have any other plant sprouting out at the bottom the of the base of the stem. At first I thought it was the Kwiwi but I see the true leaves of the kwiwi coming from the middle of the plant - any ideas what I should do. My thinking is to cut the additional branches off but would it kill the main plant.



I would personally take them off if you are sure they are not kiwi. My friend has a dwarf nectarine and a plant sprouted beneath the graft line. My friend got rid of it as soon as possible. What they do is take all the energy and nutrients from the trunk and the rest of the plant doesn't get any ending up in yellow leafs and eventually a dead plant. If you are sure it is not kiwi leafs remove it before it becomes established. Hope it helped and good luck.

30 Apr, 2011


Thanks Boardergard. You're right it - the true kiwi leaves are only just growing and are way behind the other plant I have. I'll take your advice and nip them off. Many thanks for your help.

30 Apr, 2011

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