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bay laurel leaves turning yellow


By Gerrym

United Kingdom Gb

I bought a bay laurel 2 months ago. It stands 175cm tall an is in a pot 32cms diameter. Some leaves in the centre of the tree are turning yellow. Is this normal or is there a problem?
Thank yo for the respones. It stands outside. The soil does not feel overly moist so possibly it is underwatered. There are quite a few (20-30) yelllowing leaves
If it was pot bound would you re-pot now?

On plant Laurus nobilis



Where does the plant stand? Indoors or out doors? How much do you water?
Could be that the plant is over watered - they like moisture, but not their feet in the water...

19 Oct, 2008


Possibly they are three year leaves that no longer serve their purpose. even evergreens have leaf fall. , it just takes two or three years but their time has to come.. However Isabella may well be right, over watering, underwatering, just changing from one climate to another can all cause leaf fall.. More light, less light. None of us like Climate change.. It could be pot bound, or short of food, but don't overfeed just before the dark days of Winter.

19 Oct, 2008


Yes, I think it depends on quite how many you are losing. I always get a few leaves fall over the year and mine is in the ground now. But I had more yellowing when it was in a container during a heatwave and subsequently noticed it was quite pot bound.

20 Oct, 2008


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12 Jul, 2009

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