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What depth should Cyclamen corms be planted?


By Wilf

Are there any golden rules about the depth at which the corm of cyclamen should be planted?

On plant Cyclamen



I have put mine just below the soil level and never had any problems. good luck.

22 Feb, 2008


It seems that those species to be grown outdoors should be buried about 1-2"" deep, while the indoor ones need to be planted with the tops of the corms above the compost level. Hope this helps.

22 Feb, 2008


yep would agree i have some planted by my patio, and the soil level seems to have droped in some places - Jay's constant jet washing of patio me thinks! lol and the ones that now are on or above soil level do not look too good, but the ones which are further down - not as close to the patio seem to be doing fine - think i will need to move them! shame they do look so pretty there!

22 Feb, 2008


On the subject of outdoor cyclamen- can anyone aadvise me of how to propagate them?

22 Feb, 2008


They usually propagate themselves with no help! You can apparently collect seed as soon as it's ripe and sow it in darkness at a temp. of 6 - 12C. Soak the seed for 10 hours before planting and rinse well. It takes a while to germinate and grow to flowering size.

22 Feb, 2008


I`m a bit confused because I have 2 x cyclamen hedrofolium that I bought last year from RHS Harlow Carr, I planted them near my pond and they established and look healthy. However I thought they would flower about this time of year but no sign yet, am I wrong?

23 Feb, 2008


C. hedrifolium flower from September onwards. C. coum flowers from January onwards.

23 Feb, 2008

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