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i have a 3 rose bushes. one of them has black spot very bad. I have had this rose for 3 years and it never has done very well. i am going to remove it but i would like to put a new one in the same place. is that possible? is there a way to treat the soil?



You need to buy a product called Rootgrow - I don't know what it might be called in the US, but its mycorrhizal fungi and seems to get round the problem of possible rose sickness in these situations. Google it for more info

1 May, 2011


Dont put the new rose in the same hole, try and move it a little further to one side, give it a good start with rotted manure/ compost and water well, rake up and burn old blackspot leaves,julien.

1 May, 2011


thanks guys. when i removed the rose i left a big hole in the ground because i threw away the rose and dirt as much as i could. will have to replace the soil there. I will also try the root grow. will look it up on line. it will be awhile but i will let you know how it goes. THANKS!

2 May, 2011


Fill the hole with a good topsoil, but avoid "planting mix", "potting soil", or "compost"--these contain too much organic matter, and will cause problems later.

2 May, 2011

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