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Hello All,
I have 2 questions for this year's new growth.
I planted basil and parsley (Italian "broad leaf or "flat leaf"?)a few weeks ago and I was watering it every day or every other day and they are growing great! Basil is now about 6 inches tall with huge leaves and the parsley is about 4 inches tall with nice leaves (I haven't thinned the plants out yet). First question is - should I cut off the basil's huge leaves? They seem to be putting a shadow on the lower branching out. Second question is that it has been raining for a few days (going into the rainy season here in Canton, China), and the plants are in pots on my balcony sheltered from the weather - I have not watered them since it's been raining, should I continue to water as before. The plants look good anyway.
I appreciate any suggestions.
Thank you,



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3 May, 2011

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