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Camellia flowers frost burned?

Isle of Wight, United Kingdom Gb

I have a small climbing camelia which is planted in a shady position in ericaceous soil. the leaves are dark and glossy and it looks pretty healthy producing new, but slow growth every year. the flowers are white and for the first day they have been gorgeous, blemish free and I wish I'd taken a picture! However after one day of gorgeousness, the flower turns completely brown can anyone tell me what is causing this. It did happen after a frost, could the flowers have been frost burned??

On plant Camellia



frost or rain i would think Andrea, i had a large one in the front garden of a flat i used to live a few years ago, and the flowers used to brown pretty quickly, more so after heavy frost or rain. i have just bought another one (red) quite recently but it is still in bud at the moment so i will let you know if i get the same result, - time of year may also have something to do with it? some do flower later than others, i think the red one i have is later flowering, than the pink one at my old flat.

23 Feb, 2008


Although camellias are hardy, the flowers aren't. Frost will turn them brown but with any luck, there will be more buds to open to refresh the display. If the plant is still small, you could throw an old blanket over it if frost is forecast to protect any open flowers

23 Feb, 2008


Cheers me dears!!

23 Feb, 2008


Which direction is it facing? They don't recommend planting them facing East as frost can 'get 'them. I think that frost damage shows up more on white flowers, not sure why.

23 Feb, 2008


It's facing South West, I'm sure it was the frost, I was going out the next day take a picture of them as they looked so pure, but the frost was really heavy and they had all turned brown. They look ok as 'brown flowers' because they are still perfectly formed and there are some new buds appearing so I'll look forward to that

23 Feb, 2008


What a shame! I hope you can beat the frost and get a perfect white picture! None forecast down here, don't know about your area..

23 Feb, 2008

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