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beautiful but what is it?

Quebec I am in zone 5a, Canada Ca

Can anyone tell me what this plant is called? And how do I care for it. This is the smaller one I have in my backyard. I have a huge one in the front yard but it is starting to really open up in the middle... I have no idea if this is normal or if I am suppose to be doing something???




I believe this is a Sedum (Autumn Joy). According to Miracle Gro encyclopedia of Plant Care: There are two reasons why it would start to open up in the middle as you described. (1)These plants must be divided every 3 years to maintain form and vigor(do you know how long yours has been growing in the place it's in?); if it flops to the ground in spring it could need dividing but a lack of sun also causes it to flop (or spread out in the middle(Is it planted in too much shade?). The scientific name for this plant is Hylotelephium x 'herbstfreude'. For more information you might Google it. I hope this at least gives you a place to start.

20 Oct, 2008


Sorry to disagree but this is Sedum spectabile in one of its many forms, possibly 'Brilliant'.
They almost always open up in the middle no matter what you do. You can stake them or some folks cut the whole plant back around the time of the Chelsea Flower Show. This forces the plant to flower a little later and at a lower height, so the weight of the flowers does not pull the stems down.

20 Oct, 2008


If my plants start to flop, I reckon to dig them up the following spring and chop them into small pieces, replanting just one (the rest are potted up for plant sales). You can be really vicious with them; they are pretty tough

20 Oct, 2008


I have lots of these, I say they are too easy to not have around.. They divide well, and even cuttings put straight into the ground do well...
When you divide this try putting some of it out of the wind, I find the ones in the windier areas of my yard open in the middle like you have had a problem with.

24 Oct, 2008

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