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Cuttings from Argyranthemum/Marguerites


By Buzzbee

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My wife and I love Marguerite daisies, but they are so expensive to buy. So, we wondered about how and when we might be able to take cuttings? We are overwintering 3 in our cold frame, which at the moment have plenty of foliage and are actually flowering. We also have a couple which I have tried to take through the winter outside by mulching them with about 4-6 inches of garden compost - there is no sign of them as yet. Is it possible to increase our stock with cuttings?

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The RHS 'bible' says you can propogate from cuttings in spring or semi-ripe cuttings in summer. It also says that even if all top growth is killed during winter, the plants can sometimes regenerate from the roots if they have been well protected over the winter. I would not give up hope until the end of May

24 Feb, 2008

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