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Is it too hot to plant new plants and cuttings?

West Sussex, United Kingdom Gb


I have just bought a lot of new plants for the garden and was about to plant them.

However, my friend said I should leave planting for now as the ground is too hard and its too hot for planting which makes a new plant or cutting really struggle. She said I should wait until it rains and is cooler as it puts less strain on the plants?

Is this true or a myth? I am hoping its a myth as I don't really want to wait for ages and am happy to keep watering my new plants until they are established but I just dont' want to be foolish and do the wrong thing as she is a much more experienced gardener.





Hi Honeybean - I have bought several new plants lately and have planted them all in. Provided that they are watered well EVERY day to get them settled in there should be no problem. Mine have all responded well to me doing that. Also, although several of my plants have now been planted for a while I am still watering them every couple of days or so as it is so dry here - ground rock hard.

Good luck and Happy Gardening.

4 May, 2011


I agree with Mariek-- if you lived in the midlands as I do I'd say wait as we're still getting frosts and the clay 'soil' is more like baked clay !!-- people are breaking forks just trying to loosen it!-- the plants wouldn't get going at all

4 May, 2011


Your friend has given good advice but I think the forecast for next week is that things are changing and more rain is forecast so if you water regularly too as others have said you will probably be OK and if we do get some decent rain next week then that will be ideal for your young plants. For some reason they always seem to respond better to real rain and a real natural soaking instead of water from the hose or watering can.

4 May, 2011


Thank you everyone. :-)

4 May, 2011

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