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Planting Dragon Arum.

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Dear Gardeners,
Please help me! Should i plant the pointy end up or down? I havent a clue!
Sincerly yours dazed and confused.

On plant Dracunculus vulgaris



I assume by 'Dragon Arum' you mean Dracunculus Vulgaris, red with a black spathe.
I have just planted 6 and the pointed side does face upwards, sometimes the roots are not visible, but the bottom of my bulbs was smooth.
Be warned when these are in flower they produce a smell of rotting flesh to attract flies to pollinate them, so don't plant them too close to your, or your neighbours house, they might offend!!

21 Oct, 2008


I Love these plants/bulbs, i have just planted 3 in my border 6'' down with a mix of sand and compost, pointy bit upwards :)) they do really well in the garden rather than pots.

21 Oct, 2008


A trick I use if I am not sure which way up a bulb should be planted, is to put it on its side in the hole. Always works! This also works well for things like crown imperials where excessive moisture may lodge in the top of the bulb and cause rotting

21 Oct, 2008


Some bulbs do find the right way up even if planted upside down.

21 Oct, 2008

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