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This is the first summer that I planted Canna's and they were really beautiful.Now since autumn is here they look sick.Someone told me I was suppose to cut them down to the ground when they start to turn brown.Do you really cut the stalk and all?I dont want to lose these.I miss the blooms already :( Thanks to all

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Yes you do cut them down to the ground, they will grow again from the rhizomes next year. There is one important factor with cannas they are not considered fully hardy in this country yet. They will survive in inner London, Cornwall and some Southern counties if left outside, however if you are further north than Watford I would dig them up and store them in a dry dark place then replant them in the spring. Little shoots will probably appear and in some cases you may be able to split the rhizome to form new plants, thus increasing your stock. If you do intend to leave them in, don't water the area where they are planted(obviously rain cannot be avoided), mulch the area really well with some bark chippings and organic matter.

21 Oct, 2008



You don't say which part of the States you are from. It's a big country with USDA zones about 5 to 11 If you are below about 9a (9b to be safe) then Andrea is absolutly to rights Even in a warm State then cutting back won't hurt.


21 Oct, 2008


Sorry I assumed you were from the UK.
Not an expert on USDA Climate zones - sorry

21 Oct, 2008

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