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Help me save my new houseplant please!


By Ryale

I was given this tree as a gift, but I don't know how to care for it. It is definitely root-bound, but I'm hoping to wait until spring to take it outside to transplant it. It has developed brown spots on the leaves, but takes very little water. I have a terrible habit of over watering because every window in my house has a radiator beneath. Does anyone know what it is, and what it wants?




That looks very similar to the coffee bean plant I have. They do need a large pot to grow in and detest having dry conditions. Mist your tree often in the winter months. It also needs to grow in bright light but not direct sunlight. It should also be fertilized on a regular basis. Mine tends to also get brown leaves(probably from not misting it), I just clip off the leaves and it seems to do fine. If it is not taking up water it probably needs to be transplanted.

27 Feb, 2008

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