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hello everyone

norfolk, United Kingdom Gb

i just wonderd if theres a possability of you doing a top tip page that you police to make sure they are correct tips.i believe this would avoid a lot of the hit or miss tactics i used because of lack of information .for instance as a general rool dont ever build wood in dirt mite cost a bit more but that little snippit of information would save people a lot money and heart ache.bye the way love the site and most people are very nice.

regards noseypotter aka




Good idea, I agree!

22 Oct, 2008


just need a couple of hundred people now weeding and it will be gospal lol

22 Oct, 2008


the revolution starts here, we have nothing to lose.
Sorry, getting carried away now. Time to be sensible again.

22 Oct, 2008


Top tips sound like a good idea. :o)

Puzzled about the 'related photos' below ?

They have the words : Hello everyone. :o)

22 Oct, 2008


Yes Terratoonie what's that all about ?

22 Oct, 2008



22 Oct, 2008


This a good idea as tips always welcome and most gardeners seem to have them.

My query would be about 'policing ' such tips as most would be based on members saying what works best for them.To police tips would need proof research from various sources and probably make members reluctant to give them.

For example - got fed up with punctures in my wheelbarrow tyre.Option either repair puncture or buy new barrow as few sell spare wheels for them.

I filled tyre with expanding foam tyre sealant - this has prevented punctures tyre can still be pumped up and extra foam added if required.It works for me but how would you police this ?

23 Oct, 2008


perhaps no policing short of a quick glance to get rid of idiots not that im saying theres any on here.just commen sence perhaps.this site is all about that and from my little experiance of this site people are very nice.these tips are learnt maybe the hard way and from necessaty .it would be a real shame to loose these.i wish i knew just a few when i started.i still think its a very valid idea and think its realy good that you have forseen pertentiol see as a hole unbeknown to you youve already policed the letter i wrote in the first place.

23 Oct, 2008


the research has basicly bean done

23 Oct, 2008

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